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A comprehensive stock of quality batteries for Car, Truck and leisure vehicles/equipment is available. We also offer a guarantee of up to 3 years on new batteries.

Your Battery is the heart of your car

Without a charged battery - every car is pretty useless. Yet the battery is often one of the most neglected components in the entire car and it really shouldn't be. Keep your car's battery in tip-top condition and avoid being stranded at the roadside without the power to get you going again.

The battery is most commonly located under the bonnet but in some cars it can be found elsewhere like under the floor in the boot. The two grey coloured posts on top of the battery are called 'terminals' and are marked ( + ) for positive and ( - ) for negative. 

To avoid damaging the electrical system, the terminals should be connected to the appropriate electrical lead. If in doubt, consult your car's handbook or better still - leave it to the professionals at National.

Providing your car's alternator and drive belt are in good condition - the battery is re-charged automatically as you drive. In some cases, it can be removed from the car and connected to a domestic mains-powered battery charger - but care must be taken as the unit is heavy and contains sulphuric acid so it could be dangerous if dropped. If your car won't start a possible option is connect flat battery to another car's battery with jump leads ensuring that the leads are connected observing the correct polarity ( + ) and ( - ), however, ensure you refer to the manufacturer’s handbook first. Some damage could result to the ECU in some cars if they are jump started, always check the manufacturer's handbook first.