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Car Tyres and Repairs

We stock all brands and sizes of car tyres. All new and repaired tyres are automatically fitted with new valves and re-balanced using computerised equipment. Tadworth Tyres recommend that all tyres should be filled using Nitrogen as opposed to air. For more information click here.

We specialise in the Continental, Uniroyal and Semperit brands.

Please call 01737 813694 to confirm prices and availability for your own vehicle.


The tyres are the most important part of your car, to find out why click here.


Repairs to all tyres are carried out using specialist hot vulcanising equipment. This allows punctures to be professionally repaired on a permanent basis. This technique is compatible with the original construction process of the tyre.

Repairs are also carried out on the side wall and shoulder of the tyre as well as on the treaded surface.

Tadworth Tyre Specialists are members of the National Tyre Distributors association (NTDA) and as such support the 3mm safety campaign that encourages drivers to be more aware of the level of tread on their tyres. There are significant safety benefits in grip and overall tyre performance available when tyres are replaced before they reach the legal limit of 1.6mm.

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